The subtle art of adjustments is a series of photographs made in 2019 that portrays Honolulu based Cathy Louise Broda, an Ashtanga Yoga teacher for the past 30 years.

I attended a teaching workshop led by Cathy Louise, where I became aware of her old personal routine of practicing hands-on adjustments on an imaginary student. Today, she is known for her transformative hands-on adjustments. 

I photographed her while she adjusted her three imaginary students simultaneously, in her yoga studio. I don’t ask her to pause or interrupt her at any point. The flow to her adjustments are as important to me as it is in the practice of vinyasa yoga.

On the other side of the globally popular practice of postural yoga, is the subtle art of teaching it. Cathy writes, “When people observe us doing adjustments they sometimes say it doesn’t look like we are doing much. They can only see hands on a person, but our hands convey a lot of information.”

The subtle art of adjustments is a portraiture and a peek into the invisible side of yoga. At the same time it is a joyful celebration of the human body, forms, stillness and movement.